I decided to have CBT to help with anxiety and trichotillomania.  I was a bit nervous before my initial session but I was immediately put at ease by Emma’s friendly attitude.  The sessions really helped me figure out why I get anxious and identify underlying causes as well as learning healthy methods for coping with my emotions.  Applying these methods has made me feel so much calmer and some of my family and friends have also seen a noticeable difference.  For me the best thing about the sessions is probably that I know I will be able to use the techniques that I have learned in the future and I feel much better equipped to deal with future anxiety.  Thank you so much for your helpful understanding and kind approach to the sessions!

 Testamonial 2A,  age 13

 TestamonialT, age 12

‘I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help my daughter through a difficult time in her life. I found it quite frightening when I realised she needed help that I couldn’t give her. When I felt very vulnerable as a parent, your calm, reassuring approach helped me to feel safe. Months later we still talk about the techniques you showed her, and explained to me, about how to help reduce her anxiety and to cope with the pressures of everyday life – for the rest of her life. Thank you.’

I first came to see Emma a few years ago when I was suffering the consequences of a major life upheaval which was causing problems with insomnia, depression and anxiety. Recently I had a bad relapse. It was clear to me that the underlying issues needed to be resolved. Thanks to Emma’s sensitive and insightful guidance I was able to explore these issues in a safe environment and come to a successful resolution’.

‘Do this therapy – even if you think that some problems are so difficult you will never get over them.  There can be a solution with careful dissection and looking closely at the way we act.  Problems can feel overwhelming, with no light at the end of the tunnel but by taking things apart and rebuilding you can find a way through.  It’s not scary to do it.  It’s supported and safe.  You can see through the fog of difficulty.’

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be referred to Emma Bonnin for CBT counselling due to suffering from PTSD resulting from a non-fault RTA and being put through disciplinary proceedings by my employers for the resulting time off.  I had a total of 12 sessions where we worked on my emotional wellbeing and my PTSD symptoms.  Emma helped me to understand my feelings and find strategies for dealing with my anxiety and flashbacks, she also gave me the tools I needed to get my life back on track.

Hi Emma, just wanted to say thankyou.  You made such a difference to my life!  I think I actually believe in myself now!

Once again many thanks for all your help, especially your being so flexible with my son’s specific needs. It really has been appreciated. Therapy has been truly life changing.








I met Emma at a very low period.  I had been referred through my work.  I wasn’t able to function in my work or personal life any more.  My whole life was affected.  It was a really scary and frightening time for me.  That’s when I started my therapy and over many sessions I built up trust in Emma and trusted her completely.  Pushing myself and practising what I had talked about with her in my therapy session.  Yes sometimes it felt uncomfortable but I trusted Emma completely and we went at my pace and the following session spoke about what went well and what didn’t go so well.  I could talk and work things through.  I always felt safe and supported so I could achieve my goals.  From having little interaction with anyone I now trust people enough to have some friends and be able to talk about myself and have a work and social life.  I no longer just exist but have a full and happy life.  Emma has given me the tools and strategies to cope when my life isn’t going so well and it hasn’t since my therapy sessions ended but I’ve been able to cope and work through my problems by myself and I’m proud that I could do this.  I hope this is ok Emma, I really can’t put into works how you helped me but I will always be grateful.